Hello world(s)!

trumpets of war (source: http://gizmodo.com/5153094/)

trumpets of war

This blog is dedicated to all kind of creative/ bizarre /strange/ obscure/ non-mainstream ideas I found /received from others or thought of.
Regardless of which topic these ideas are.
Regardless if these ideas are useful/ make (non)sense/ inspire /surprise/ confuse/ make curious.

This blog shall be a virtual home for all ideas that were blocked /refused /declined /forgotten /ignored/ too ingenius/ too expensive/ too early/ too late or people simply hate them.

Please feel free to post me your thoughts/ ideas, if you think your idea should fill some space here.

Note!: Excluded are any illegal and/or any “unclean” ideas.
Although I partially accept creative ideas for world domination 😉

Stay tuned.. 🙂